WWF WTF posters

Some awesome posters from the WWF (World Wildlife Federation). I got them from:  http://www.weirdresources.com.

Stop Climate Change Before it Changes You

15km of rain forest disappears every minute

Imagine This is Yours

Imagine This is Yours


You Can Help – Stop Global Warming

Where is your Home?

Where is your Home?

Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs

When you throw away a SEED you throw away a tree

You can help. Stop global warming

Animals around the world are losing their habitats due to climate change. By choosing a hybrid or fuel efficient car, you can help prevent this. Take action right now.

Save the tiger – Print Ad

WWF: Dog, Beach

Save his life, save yourself

WWF: Dog, Home

Save his life, save yourself.

Not recycling this newspaper is the same as cutting down another tree

Save the next generation

Give a hand to wildlife

Save the world with a few coins


A single tin of paint can pollute millions of litres of water

The only thing standing between their survival or extinction is you

WWF – Black cloud

Drive one day less and look how much carbon monoxide you’ll keep out of the air we breathe

Wildlife is Disappearing

Your Welcome.

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